RiskAsia offers a roster of risk management services that can be customized according to client needs and preferences. 

External Risk Assessment

  • Analyses of social, political, economic and security risks within the area of operations or business
  • Analyses of extent of social acceptability and/or resistance
  • Identification of current and potential risk factors and threat actors
  • Recommendations on risk mitigation measures

Internal Risk Assessment

  • Analyses of internal threats, risk tolerance and risk management capacity
  • Can be used as baseline information for effective integration of risk management in planning and operations
  • Also includes review of security measures, procedures and contingencies

Corporate Risk Profile

  • A comprehensive and bundled service that includes external risk analysis and internal risk assessment.
  • Can be part of due diligence requirements, suitable for assessment of potential investments
  • Can be used as baseline data for informed decision-making, corrective and preventive measures
  • Generally improves an organization’s ability to understand and withstand risks and threats

Risk Mitigation and External Conflict Management

  • Addressing immediate problems or threats
  • Offered on a referral basis with a high level of confidentiality

Design & Installation of Risk Management Tools

  • Involves the design of monitoring and forecasting instruments, risk maps, and frameworks to be integrated into over-all organizational strategy, plans and procedures
  • Improves internal capacity of client to manage risks
  • Develops client’s ability to predict risks and potential costs
  • Develops client’s ability to prevent unnecessary losses

Training & Capability Building

  • Transfer and development of skills for in-house risk managers and key staff to integrate risk management in the organizational culture
  • Assistance in strategy formulation, planning and risk mitigation measures
  • Improves internal capacity to manage risks


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