We envision a future that is free from fear, where people and their business, developmental, cultural, political and artistic institutions are free to operate and pursue their goals, guided by respect for nature and the environment, and committed to assist the full development of all citizens.

We are committed to assist business corporations, aid organizations and governmental organizations understand business, social and political risks in external environments and improve their capacity to manage risks and mitigate costs for the greater social and economic progress of the countries in Southeast Asia.

To provide updated, detailed and relevant analyses of social and political risks that may pose a threat to business corporations, aid organizations and government institutions, and to assist these organizations in managing these risks;

To assist business corporations, aid organizations, government institutions and commercial operators in managing social, economic and political risks faced by these organizations;

To provide tools, approaches and methodologies in risk management and to help these organizations to learn basic skills in risk management, and to assist these organizations in strategic and systematic risk management;

To help protect these organizations from incurring massive losses and unnecessary costs, and to ensure their continued operation and contribution to socio-economic development


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